Wednesday, 14 January 2015

2015 – website update, plans...

Delighted to be able to write to let you know that, courtesy of that lovely chap Jordan Carroll (AKA Angry Cube Development), and following a wonderfully busy 2014, my website has now been updated and refreshed, kicking things off for 2015.

We've (well, he's) cleverly linked the site in to this blog; a blog that I started a few years ago when I harboured ambitions of furthering myself as A Proper Writer, which as you can see, ultimately came to naught, despite my *hugely entertaining* tales of being beaten at football, being beaten at Monopoly, and being beaten by Southern Trains' interesting take on the 'rail timetable'.

This is actually good as it turns out, as it leaves more time a) to time travel back to the mid-Nineties (via the N64 I unearthed in a drawer at home), and also b) to write music for all you fabulous, talented game developers out there. It's continually inspiring to see the projects that are being worked on, I always look forward to #screenshotsaturday on Twitter with great anticipation.

Please check out the latest samples that I've posted in the 'music' section, featuring of some of the things I worked on in 2014. Hard to pick a favourite but highlights include scoring the brilliant animated short 'Fangus the Were-baby', made by Judith Johnston, Adam Foreman and Nicola Welbourne, and being asked to create theme music for a number of game reviewers.

The start of this year sees me looking forward to working on further projects with Evilized and other colleagues – three of which are currently underway – angling (naturally) for more exciting game projects later in the year as well as developing the theme and TV incidental music angle and even some fancy corporate ident work.

I'm also going to redouble my efforts to tap out a semi-regular blog on subjects at least loosely related to music in general, and game music in particular.

Cheers and best wishes to all of you for your projects and endeavours in 2015.


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