Thursday, 26 October 2017

Cartoon Espionage

Well look what arrived in the digital post this week… yes, it’s another gem from the creative genius that is Adam Foreman, AKA A4man. 

On top of the awesome work he churns out for videogames, board games, animated short films and more, he’s also a dab hand at caricatures (see my Twitter avatar) and I recently asked him if he wouldn’t mind throwing together a little something for a recent update I made to my Soundcloud page. 

The ‘Cartoon Espionage’ theme was originally intended for a client I worked for on a kids’ spy game but ultimately didn’t make it to the final cut. Shame, as I was rather proud of it.  

But anyway, working to a brief no more comprehensive than ‘have you got a picture of a spy who’s not very good at spying?’ he put on his thinking cap, picked up his, er, drawing pen and came up with this fabulous character going about his not-very-good spying business. 

So thank you Adam, for another sterling job – and if you want to view more of his work then check out his portfolio at and watch him on Twitch right as the magic happens at

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